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Isocort is one of the best energy supplements and a great natural way to increase energy due adrenal fatigue and feeling tired.

One of the supplements my hormone therapist recommends for adrenal fatigue is Isocort, but only after I first took the hormone saliva test. The results revealed the hormone levels to be very low for my age.

Adrenal Fatigue, Restore Natural Energy no more Feeling Tired. Image courtesy of Vickie Kissel

You Can Avoid Adrenal Fatigue, Restore Natural Energy, no more Feeling Tired

After 45 years old I slowly began to notice changes in my physical energy, ability to build muscle mass, physical and mental endurance, mental acuity and sexual performance. By 50 years old I sorta unconsciously accepted this condition as normal for the age, but when my sexual performance started to decline here-and-there beyond my personal tolerances I became very concerned.



Taking pharmaceuticals to correct adrenal deficiency or slightly improve these and other conditions was definitely something I wanted to avoid at almost any cost. I’d been hearing about hormones and hormone therapy for many years. So, during my business travels I passed by the office of a hormone therapist and decided to go in for a visit.

I was given a free one hour consultation at the office of Healthy Concepts, I met Barbara Hoppe who was very knowledgeable about adrenal problems and knew everything about my condition. Instead of overwhelming me with all kinds of new information I’ve never heard of before, she had a delightful way of teaching me just enough information to understand how easy and inexpensive it is to greatly improve my health.

Barbara sent me away that day with a test kit and a list of recommended supplements to take every day to aid in adrenal support. In one of my first posts here at Male Libido Blog I talked about the great results I got from hormone testing and following the specific directions that returned the hormones levels back to where they should be for my age.

The point of this blog is to present the great effect of Isocort as one of the main adrenal supplements that has really helped me get my energy back to a place where I feel great. Now at 55, my energy from morning through night is very normal, just as it was before I started with hormone therapy at 50.

How to Stop Adrenal Fatigue, Adrenal Deficiency, Adrenal Problems - Isocort Really Helps. Image courtesy of Vickie Kissel

How to Stop Adrenal Fatigue, Adrenal Deficiency, Adrenal Problems - Isocort Really Helps

The only difference in my energy today than when I was younger is now I don’t have tons of endurance and after a big workout, it may take a long time to recover, and sometimes I’m kinda wiped out for the rest of the day.

A big workout for me would be a something like a 30 mile bicycle or mountain bike in the mountains, 7 mile run, 4-8 hours of snowboarding, or 2+ hours of hard motocross riding.



Along with my normal intake of supplements, Barbara Hoppe recommended that I take four tabs of Isocort each morning. One day just after a long and intense workout I took 4 more Isccort. To my pleasant surprise, I was not wiped out. I still felt a little tired, but it took very little time to recover my energy and to have the remainder of the day run at a normal energy level.

I spoke to Barbara about this and she said the second dose of Isocort was ok, but to be very careful not to abuse Isocort as this could throw off your whole system and that could lead to some serious problems.

If you’re a man or woman over 45 and are aware that you don’t feel as good as you wish you did, then I highly recommend first visiting a hormone therapist. It’s safe, it’s easy, inexpensive and natural. Most medical doctors will not recommend hormone therapy. They will test and test, and will very likely recommend some kind of pharmaceutical as part of your new program. My advise is that if your hormone therapist is not able to help you first, then visit your doctor.

Any good hormone therapist will not recommend randomly taking any type of hormone balancing supplements like Isocort or DHEA until they see your hormone test results. Balancing hormones requires a qualified hormone therapist to safely bring your hormone output to the correct levels according to your age, weight and lifestyle.

Wishing you and yours all the best in health, happiness and a long spirited life!



p.s. The below Isocort is the exact product Barbra Hoppe at recommends for me. It works wonderfully.

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Yohimbe Can Fix Your Erectile Disfunction, Naturally, Just Be Careful With The Dose!

I needed to see if Yohimbe could help my performance in bed. After turning 50 years old the symptoms of what is called male andropause really began to cause great concern with my sex life. As we move beyond the age of 40 or 45 years old our hormones (like Testosterone, Progesterone and others) decline so much (including the digestive tract) that most people start to notice that they just don’t feel as strong and healthy as they did when they were younger, especially in bed. Most men and women simply accept this chemical change in their body as fact of life that can not be changed. But that’s not true, it can be changed and greatly improved!

Before I knew about how important it was to test my levels of hormones and then start hormone recovery plan, I searched the Internet for male enhancement herbs because I didn’t want anything to do with pharmaceutical drugs unless all else failed. So, while reading the ingredients there was often a common herb called Yohimbe.

Yohimbe Tree Leaf

Yohimbe Tree Leaf

Like any astute shopper would, I looked for articles and reviews about Yohime to lean if it was something good for me to try. This site had lots of great information and after reading the details I went down to my local herb shop like New Leaf or Whole Foods and found it in a small bottle as a liquid tincture with a dropper.

On the night I was expecting to sleep with my lover I took the recommended amount of drops, which will vary by manufacturer. Together we enjoyed the early evening with wine and food while I waited for the effects to become noticeable. I must say that for many years I’ve practiced being aware of even the most subtle changes in how my body is feeling and operating, which has helped me to avoid foods that disagree with my digestion. Several things I began to notice became apparent in the first two hours. There was a slight elevation in my body heat and I felt an increase in my alertness and energy similar to back tea or coffee. With that I could definitely understand the reports that Yohimbe can create some unpleasant side effects much like drinking way too much coffee.yohimbe

But on the very positive side, I am very happy to report that the big surprise presented itself about six hours later with my lover in bed and with her again the next morning! My performance was quick to respond, very hard, easy to control and long lasting!

For men that have lost some of that strength in bed that they use to have when they were younger I highly recommend testing your hormone levels and getting on a hormone recovery plan. When your hormones come back up to the proper level for you age, which you hormone therapist will know, you should have everything working very much like it use to when you were a bit younger.

Until then I recommend Yohimbe, but be very careful no to take too much.

All the best in optimizing your health,



p.s. There are several different brands of Yohimbe on Amazon. This one I like the best.

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After 55 - How-to Feel 40 Inside and Out while Being a Potent Lover With A Healthy Libido

Somewhere after I turned 45 my potent libido and great health began to gradually change for the worse. At first I thought I was just having a bad day here or there, or just out of shape, then I began to wonder if something deep and emotional was bothering me, and finally after several years I noticed that I began to accept this unsatisfactory decline in potent health and poor libido.

Some of the symptoms were:

  • Problems being potent
  • Unable to gain additional strength, endurance and muscle mass
  • Unable to increase stamina and cardiovascular abilities
  • Sluggish mental state with sports
  • Foggy mental state all morning long
  • Very poor libido, often difficult to keep an erection and to climax
  • A constant break out under the chest and around the back
  • Constantly getting colds and flu
  • Poor or lackadaisical outlook on life and my personal abilities

Finally I meet and worked with a professional who specialized in the hormone balancing.
After a consultation with Barbara Hoppe,  some simple tests, and reviewing the test results, I was put on a fast-track to recovery. Within the first day I was feeling a great difference and after the first week I was feeling better than I could remember during the last several years. Now at 55, I ride motocross, mountain bikes, lift weights, jog, hike, snowboard, play bass in a band and lots more. I got my game back! I’ve gained ten pounds of muscle weight, have lots of wind in my lungs, a healthy libido and lead in the pencil!

After six months we did another round of saliva samples to check the levels of my hormones and PSA. With the test results some small adjustments to my prescription and supplements, and I was off running strong and happy.

I have learned that balancing hormones, supplements and diet is a very complicated subject, and it is also very easy for the uneducated to totally throw their body, mind and energy out of balance. Only work with experts who really know how to balance hormones and diet for aging men and those with a low libido and mojo.

I am so grateful for the roll Barbara Hoppe has played helping me bring my health and libido back to where it was before I turned 47. I am also thankful for her assistant Melody and how she keeps me informed and updated regarding my prescriptions, supplements and answers to questions I may have. You two are a magical team and if I could tell all men 45 and older how much better my health and life are because of your business “Health Concepts“, I would do so immediately!

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